Scats and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains

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By James C. Halfpenny Ph.D.
Illustrated by Todd Telander

Back reads:

See those animal signs on the trail? Was that footprint left by a fox or a wolf? Was that pile of droppings deposited by a moose a mouse or a marten? Scats and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains will help you determine which mammals birds reptiles and amphibians have passed your way and might still be nearby.

Clearly written descriptions and illustrations of scats tracks and gait patterns will help you recognize seventy Rocky Mountain species. An identification key a glossary of tracking terms and detailed instructions on how to document your finds are also included here. Easy-to-use scat and track measurements appear on each page making this book especially field friendly and letting you know if a white tailed ptarmigan a red fox or even a black bear has been your way.