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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Xanterra Travel Collection has a strong environmental commitment in all aspects of our operations. We believe that increasing the sustainability of natural systems is not only good business but also the right thing to do. To that end, we have developed a formal sustainability commitment that is the foundation for our every action. We are a company based upon values that reflect an environmental ethic and social conscience – for the long term. “Our Softer Footprint” ISO 14001:2015 certified Environmental Management System focuses on how we reduce our environmental impact through our comprehensive environmental initiatives.

At the Trail Ridge store in Rocky Mountain National Park, Xanterra is in the process of making many exciting improvements that will drastically decrease our environmental footprint while enhancing visitors’ experience. Some of these planned initiatives and accomplishments include:

Sustainable Initiatives

  • A prime example of our sustainability commitment is the installation of a large photovoltaic array covering nearly the entire south side of the Trail Ridge Store roof in 2018. This system includes 153 solar panels, uses 72 batteries, is rated at 56 kW, and will generate about 45 MWh of electricity during our 5 month operating season each year (enough to power 8 average houses over that same time period). This will allow us to use far less power from the diesel generators previously used to power the store and visitor center.
  • In June of 2018 we completed a lighting upgrade project that included the replacement of every light in the Trail Ridge Store and Café in the Clouds with new, efficient LED fixtures. This system also has enhanced controls to automatically dim or shut off lights based on available daylight and occupancy.
  • During a major renovation of the café we replaced nearly all water-using equipment with new, more efficient fixtures that will reduce our water use by over 30%.
  • While customers shop for locally handcrafted gifts or Rocky Mountain t-shirts they can also learn about the park’s animals and ecosystems and ways that they can join Xanterra in protecting it from some of the new educational signage.
  • Xanterra’s “Be Straw Free” campaign is one of our waste reduction initiatives to keep our National Parks pristine.
  • In 2018 we launched an annual “Headwaters Conservation Challenge” to encourage visiting schoolchildren to implement water-saving ideas.
  • Xanterra has been a Gold Leader in Colorado’s Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) since 2010. The ELP is a statewide recognition and reward program for organizations that voluntarily go beyond compliance with state and federal regulations. Gold Leaders must also have a fully operational, facility-specific Environmental Management System (EMS) which ensures continual environmental improvement.

Our Sustainable Progress

As reported by Ecometrix, Xanterra’s sustainability measurement system, from its first year operating in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2007 to 2017, Xanterra now uses 14% less electricity and 18% less water while offering 18% sustainable or local cuisine and 40% sustainable or local gift shop offerings.


Colorado Environmental Leader - Gold